Parent Basics

1.  We will support my child’s education by:

◦ Ensuring my child is in school every day on time.

◦ Assisting my child with homework.

◦ Having my child properly clothed and nourished for school.

2.  We will be a positive influence on our children by having a good attitude, giving encouraging words, showing common courtesy and using appropriate language.

3.  We think of ourselves as part of the school team working together to help our children. Our success is measured by what we give.

4.  We will participate by giving and seeking information.

5.  We need our children to be safe:

◦ We will always think safety first!

◦ Abide by all traffic laws.

◦ Follow parking lot drop off and pick up rules.

6.  We are always ladies and gentlemen in all interactions, even when a conversation grows abusive and must be terminated.

7.  We take pride in respecting each other with a positive attitude.

8.  We will always set a good example by showing courtesy and appreciation by saying “please” and “thank you” to one another.

9.  We will set the example for our youth by displaying appropriate dress and grooming.

10. We will always recognize each other immediately with eye contact, a smile, and their name whenever possible, using greetings such as “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon.”

11.  We recognize the staff and administration have the children’s and parent’s best interest at heart.

 VESD Vision
Mission Parent Promise
To prepare students to be able to select from a variety of career opportunities and to be successful in the world of work. All students will be at or above level in reading, writing, and mathematics as measured by results on state exams.   We the parents of Victor Elementary School District promise to take an active role in our child's education and to set a positive example for students, teachers, and others. We understand we need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.